Massage & Relaxation

La Di Dah Beauty  – Where it’s all about you. Specialising in Massage. Here at our room Spa you will never leave disappointed or aching. A range of massages are offered to tailor your needs. From Swedish Full Body Massage to Hot Stones Massage. These Massages will tackle your aches and pains and the Indian head massage will help you feel more relaxed and stress free. 

Massages are not only a pamper but if used regularly they are a form of exercise and medicine for the body. Muscles, bones and souls need TLC too. If these don’t function properly then how do you expect yourself to never be tired. 
Massage helps with a range of issues. Firstly it helps with anxiety and depression, lowers heart and blood pressure rate as well as eases muscular pain and tension. Depending on the type of massage you are comfortable with – it can help with any conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, depression and many more. In general it helps aid health. 
If recieved regularly it can help your everyday life and help your day to day activities to be carried out much easier. 
Who wants pains and aches? Who wants arthritic pain in their lower back? Who wants sleepless nights due to pain? If your answer is ‘Not me’ then book in and experience the hour of relaxation and tranquillity. Why not pamper yourself to a facial at the end of a massage. Cleanse all the dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin giving it the hydration and cleanse it needs. 
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